On Higher Ground

Transitional Housing and Re-Training – for those re-entering the community and actively seeking a new way to live.

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On Higher Ground is dedicated to providing safe, secure, places of recovery for restoration and multilevel healing, through structured lodging, case management and counseling referral, and advocacy. Available primarily for residents of Santa Cruz County, and then surrounding areas, who demonstrate a willingness to change and seek a new manner of living through active recovery-participation.

Our project objectives are to:

  • Inspire hope and empower the individual to estimable activities and service to others
  • Promote creation and retention of self-care skills, physical fitness and nourishment habits
  • Promote goal setting, planning, peer-to-peer support and mentoring
  • Initiate and review life plans
  • Evaluate, elevate, assist and develop scholastic, job, entrepreneurial skills and small business development
  • Foster and promote community interest and involvement; engaging in, community services and/or developing community activities and service projects
  • Serve very-low, low and moderate-income individuals
  • Include participation of low-risk non-violent paroles
  • Partner with other public and private community organizations and companies.

When we engage others we effect how others engage.™


We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization – Help us fulfill our mission.
Charitable Donation Number: 77-0563069
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Dana House – Brief Description

On Higher Ground is a bit of a shift in the T-Houses (Transitional Housing Facility) SLE (Sober Living Environment) service models. And it offers services and solutions to many of the industry-wide failings. This is a Non-Profit financially self-supporting enterprise, and we do accept private donations, grants and targeted funding by other agencies.
With Transition Housing needs expanding and desired housing services growing our model will capture substantial attention of the clientele in need.
‘Dana House’ is a housing/life skills center.


Through structured group housing, self-care skills-building, proper nourishment, physical fitness, peer-to-peer support, mentoring, and community service we will encourage participants to have a more deliberate life plan, setting them on a trajectory for future success. Through this transition point we will empower individuals to become productive members of society, with scholastic, job and entrepreneurial success.
‘Dana House’ has a large kitchen and dining area, adequate bedroom and bathroom spaces, and a laundry area, separate quiet study and garden areas allow residence serene and peaceful living. This is a model project that will inspire hope and can be replicated.
Our housing projects are fully self-supporting rely on rents and fees from the clients, donations from the general public and partnerships with private and public organizations and businesses.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization we do accept grants, loans and tax-deductible donations to further our mission.

When we engage others we affect how others engage.

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