Our Mission

Our Mission

…dedicated to providing a broad range of housing opportunities,
with emphasis on ownership, that will remain affordable in perpetuity
to very low, low and moderate-income residents of Santa Cruz County.
…encourage and assist…economic and social self-determination.
…expand and maintain housing and employment opportunities…
…promote neighborhood stability and improvements of living conditions…
…engage and encourage community-based development activities and projects…

We are an 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

What is a Land Trust?
The Land Trust acquires land; develops structures on that land; sells and/or rents those structures; but retains ownership of the land. Each unit pays a  small land lease fee as part of their ‘Owners Association Dues.’ Each owner and/or Tenant is a housing land trust member and is represented by a vote.
The sales, re-sales and rents always remain affordable. Re-sales and rents are governed by adjustable re-sale/rent formula. An owner or immediate family member is never forced to sell or move, however, any new or replacement occupant would need to meet the current income limitations. Owner’s interests can be bequeathed.
This entrance into residential ownership or low-cost commercial space, allows the individual to stabilize and improve their personal financial position and/or establish a business. As their business, family or personal finances grow, they may choose to move on to larger more appropriate quarters elsewhere.
Our projects include transitional housing and re-training programs for those re-entering the workforce.
Reasonable housing opportunities enable people to work for the long-term good of their families, neighborhoods, communities and themselves. Sustainably affordable real estate gives people more control over their homes, businesses and livelihoods. It creates security and increases employment. Affordability allows citizens to invest in their communities rather than rent their communities.


When we engage others we affect how others engage.™

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